Knitting on a Budget

Hi, I don't know how active this community is, but I'm hoping someone might have an answer! Or even several would be nice. :-)

I know about the new yarn store opening up in East Liberty, which is really quite exciting and I plan on going as soon as it does and checking it out.

BUT I'm actually curious about other knitting stores (that are NOT Knit One please and thanks) and especially personal reviews of said stores. I'm a student on a pretty tight budget and looking to start the rest of my holiday stuff. I also prefer to knit with real wool and cotton, hand spun, etc. which usually makes for a problem when you don't have a whole lot of money. I'm okay with knitting with the stuff you can find at Michael's when it's for myself or I'm practicing, but as these are gifts I'd really rather not

So I'm looking for somewhere with fair prices and good but not pushy service. The suburbs are fine if it's worth the ride. I have in the past bought yarn online because I can find good deals, but  that also comes with a lot of problems if and/or when you run out or it's not quite what you thought it would be etc. I would really like to see/feel/look at the stuff in person, not to mention support local business. I know there is a shop downtown called Ewe Can Knit I think, but I haven't been there in about two years, so if anyone has personal experience with that it would be really helpful.

Thanks for any and all help!
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Does anyone know where I can make a yarn donation?  I'm moving and have some lion brand that I know I will never use.  Any ideas?  I've googled and plan to call knit one, but if anyone has ideas, I'm really trying to get rid of this stuff.

Or, if you want any of it, let me know :D

Is it named differently now?

the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival.

The photos are from last year's Knitter's Expo at the Parkway Center Inn. This year it looks like it's at the Crowne Plaza, which is a nicer place. Anyone planning to go?

I'm very excited to see a number of fiber vendors among the vendors listed. It would be great to be able to see and feel spinning fibers before buying them!

knit one

Knitone's anniversary/birthday party is this weekend... I meant to post about it this morning and I forgot! Of course, the email with the information is at home. Sounds like a really good time, though, and I do plan to be there. Anyone else?


Has anyone been to or know anything about Ewe Can Knit? It's downtown on Wood Street?

I'm hunting down some different Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran colors that Knit One doesn't have.

Thanks for your help!
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panda sushi

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let me start off saying that i have a thing for zombies. in movies, books etc.
so i decided the other weekend to buy some felt and other things and sew myself a crude stuffed zombie.

here is the end product:

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notice the embroidered forehead scar and blood dripping from mouth, haha.

i had to :)

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hooray, we've got a lot of people now!

anyone want to start introductions?

oh, well, I guess that ought to be me...

I'm Jamie, I live in Penn Hills east of da Burgh. I crochet, spin, and am learning to knit. I'm a yarn junkie. My fiber stash is out of control. I'm 45, married to a terrific guy, two grown daughters. I work for the state, where I am chained to a desk four days a week. We have four cats and two welsh corgis.

I started this community as a live-journal specific networking tool for area fiber crafters and artists.

that's about it!

Yay for New SW PA Fiber Arts Community!

Hola! I am a reasonably newbie knitter. So far, I have knitted about 7 or 8 scarves (dropped stitch, ribbed, and one cable) and a few booga bags.

I picked up a bunch of really soft alpaca yarn when the Knit & Bead in Squill was going out of business. (Does anyone know if they officially closed their doors?) I've been working on a reversible cables stole/shawl thingy for myself.

What is everyone working on this summer? :)